How to Start a Freshwater Shrimp

Farming Business – The Basics


One of the fastest growing business niches today is freshwater shrimp farming.

Many people are  starting to raise shrimp because they want to eat better food for less money. Mostly they want to cash in on the the huge profits in selling  freshwater shrimp directly to consumers.

These are the important points:

  • You need something to raise them in.

Although some farmers  raise their shrimp in ponds, you can use anything that gets the depth you need. You can use tanks and even swimming pools.

I first started looking into freshwater shrimp farming when I found an old hot tub had been left on my property and I was trying to find a use for it.

  • You need somewhere to put the pond, tank or pool.

Obviously, a pond would go in a  field, but your tanks or pools could go into a barn, just in your backyard, or even your basement. I read about a guy who really did raise shrimp in his condo basement in some small diameter swimming pools he set up there.

  • You need to have good water.

Have your water tested, especially if you will be using runoff or captured  water. If you”re filling a pool with tap water, you will need to give it time casino to evaporate the chlorine out and to warm up.

  • You need to oxygenate the water.

The critters need to breathe. You will need to agitate the water or pump air into it. You can use a paddle like system or you can casino online use a bubbler. You can also use a fountain type oxygenator. Try to make or buy one that uses solar power so you don”t have to worry about your power going out.

  • You need to buy good quality juveniles to grow out.

There are a number of great growers out there. The Shrimp Farming Guide has a great directory for everything you will need.

  • You need to feed them good food.

Even though they are bottom feeders,  your result will be tastier if you feed them properly. Again, the Shrimp Farming Guide will show you where detailed information can be found.

  • You need to keep other critters out.

They like to eat shrimp too and that  cuts into your profits big time. Unfortunately, this means you need to keep the bass out. They love shrimp.

  • Get someone to paint a sign for you.

Make a sign that you can put in your yard letting people know when you will be harvesting. Plan to have someone help your customers with parking. Believe me, you will sell out in one day.

So, my advice is to go for it – get started with your freshwater shrimp farming operation. You will never eat a more scrumptious shrimp than the one you raised yourself.

The only  downside to this whole idea is your friends and family will try to convince you to have a big shrimp boil or grill and invite them over for chow and then eat up all your potential profits. LOL.