Freshwater Shrimp Farming


It’s easy to start a freshwater shrimp farming business.

Hi, I’m Steve “The Shrimp Lover” Frost, and, guess what…    I love shrimp!

I became interested in learning about  freshwater shrimp farming when I was trying to figure out a good use for a old discarded hot tub shell I found on my property.

At the same time, I wanted a side business that would pay a nice paycheck… not take too much time…  and not cost too much to start.

I thought that old hot tub shell might work… but I didn’t know.

Some quick facts I learned:

The demand for farm-raised shrimp makes selling your shrimp harvest very easy and very profitable.

You can raise shrimp in ponds, tanks or pools. You can even grow them in your basement or on your porch!

Freshwater shrimp farming doesn’t require much of your time either. You can start small and grow just enough for your own table or you can begin on a larger scale – either way you won’t have to quit what you’re doing now.


So, you’re thinking, how’s the money?


Freshwater shrimp farming is a business niche that’s ripe for the harvest. Shrimp are very profitable to grow because of the unbelievable demand for farm-raised shrimp. There are a few real good reasons why.


  • First, consumers are becoming taught to be more concerned about the quality of their food – you know, organic this and natural that!


  • Second, the price of wild shrimp has jumped because there are fewer of them since the oil spill in the Gulf.


  • Third, American farm-raised shrimp sales have increased dramatically because of the publicity over pollution in Asian waters where most of the “farm-raised” shrimp are grown.


Let me tell you how I learned about shrimp aquaculture.


When I was looking at that hot tub shell, I thought I could do some quick research on the internet and get some information.  I found plenty of information available on various websites, free for the taking.

However, I found a few problems with trying to educate myself that way.


  • First, it took a huge, huge, huge amount of time to sift through all the different websites to find any useful information. I would find one piece of information at one site and after another time consuming search, find another scrap of information at another site.


  • Second, I couldn’t find much recent, or updated information at all.


  • Third, I couldn’t believe how many great sounding links went to pages that were no longer there. You know, the Page Not Found page?


  • Fourth, so much of the information is written like a PhD level textbook. Sure, I can manage to read it, but they’re real yawners.


What I wanted and needed was a simple, step-by-step approach to learn how to raise shrimp, and I wanted all the information to be in one place, and I wanted it to be current.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to compile this 1-2-3 method myself.


I found someone else had already done it. That’s why I made this site – so you could find it too.

Of all the information on the internet, this is where I recommend you go to learn how to start a freshwater shrimp farming operation the right way.

Click Here for Information on Freshwater Shrimp Farming!

I recommend you order the Shrimp Farming Guide. It’ll save you a lot of time. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get your shrimp farm started.

It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you have plenty of time to make sure about it. I figured I had nothing to lose — and so much to gain — the $37 price tag felt like a safe investment in my future.

The best part of the Shrimp Guide, to me anyway, is that it’s up-to-date and will always stay that way with the lifetime supplements come out periodically. J.T. Abney, the author, just sent out a new directory with over 200 pages of every contact in the shrimp business.

There are quite a few additional ebooks that come with the guide, too. The one I think is most important is the marketing ebook. You’ll be very happy to see all the ways you can make money with your shrimp.

Click Here!

Although I earn a commission on the Shrimp Farming Guide,  I will have to pay it back  if you return the Guide since you do have a 60 day money back guarantee. That’s why I’m very careful when I make a recommendation.

My recommendation is this: I honestly believe you will find value with the Shrimp Farming Guide.

Good luck with your freshwater shrimp farming operation!